Pomegranate Pulp Separator

Patent number:ZL2016 2 1397827.1

CE number:ATT21904080157M 

Patented products, counterfeiting not allowed


This separator machine can separate pomegranate pulp one by one. The whole pulp can be separated completely, and ensures the high quality of pomegranate pulp. It is an essential equipment to produce juice, wine and vinegar, because the mixture of peel, membrane and pulp has terrible flavor and texture, and the process of removing it is difficult in following steps. 

The separator is manufactured based on EU standards. The main material and shell frame are made of stainless steel, electronic components and PLC choose Omron or Siemens. To separate the peel, membrane and get the pulp, you just need to operate touch screen, set the parameters, and pour the pomegranate to the Inlet. The separator machine will provide you completely pomegranate pulp, which will decrease the cost of separating pomegranate pulp by human. 

Machine Technical Parameter:
Capacity: 1t/h
Available fruits:

pomegranate/ Grapefruit/Cactus Fruit/Orange/Lemon/ Tangerine/ Passion Fruit

Power: 3kW(380V-50Hz)
Weight: 360kg
Dimension: 2050×850×1550mm